Preventative Services:

Preventative services, or your routine dental exam, x-rays & cleaning, helps to preserve your natural teeth, gums and bones of the oral area by preventing the onset and progression of many diseases of the mouth.  Your health starts in the mouth!  Lack of good oral hygiene has been linked to tooth & bone loss, dementia, heart & kidney disease, & diabetes just to name a few.  Most insurance plans cover two free dental cleanings a year.  Avoid serious & costly dental problems & come in every six months for your dental exam & cleaning!

Check out this link on the effects of poor oral hygiene:

 Restorative Services:

Restorative services include: fillings, composite bonding, crown & bridge, Valplast partials, dentures & dental implants.  Valplast partials are flexible and very comfortable to wear!  We also offer Zirconia crown & bridge, non-metal & super durable!

Check out this info on Zirconia crowns:


Check out this info on Valplast partials:


Check out this info on dental implants:

Orthodontic Services:

Orthodontics are used not only to straighten the teeth but also to correct malocclusion, or the misalignment of teeth.  Malocclusion & crowding of teeth can cause many issues: tooth decay & periodontial issues because of not being able to brush & floss properly, breaking or chipping teeth and even tooth loss due to your bite being off.  Here is some info on malocclusion & orthodonics.  We offer stainless steel & ceramic brackets as well as Invisalign.